Measures taken by Northview

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) active in our area, we wanted to share our companies efforts in keeping you and the community safe while fulfilling work to the standard we promise our customers in any circumstance. North view is taking any all precautions to keep ourselves and community healthy.

Here is what we adapt  at our premises:

• Hand washing with soap is required upon arrival, frequently during the day, and prior to departure from the office.

• We are applying social distancing to keep everyone one-two meters apart and to prevent any personal contact. 

• We require that all shared equipment and materials be cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after use.

• We have ensured that our materials are handled with care and our tools and equipment are properly sanitized.

• All of our staff who have traveled to areas where the novel coronavirus has been detected undergo a mandatory 2-week period of self-isolation.

• We do not allow any walk-ins on our premises except by authorization, with all necessary security measures in place for a safe meeting.

 Here is what we adapt  at customer’s place:

• Keep physical distance of at least 3 feet between ourselves and others within the given work area.

• Disinfect any area we work on as work progresses until finish, using disinfectant wipes. 

• Quotes, statements, invoices and contacts will be emailed. There will be no paper copies provided at this time. 

• Quote measurements can be completed on the exterior without entry in to your home.

• Upon entry to our customers residence immediately wash our hands and dispose of paper towel in provided waste bin.

• All representatives, installers, technicians and others who enter customers’ homes have their body temperature taken with contactless devices in the morning. This data is logged and records are kept internally. Any employees registering temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius or higher are immediately sent home;

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