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Contemporary Garage Doors: Increasing Comfort, Curb appeal and House Value

Garage doors are an essential part of daily living of single family home owners, and the comfort of having a well performing, insulated garage door is hard to under appreciate.  While such properties as quality and ease of operation, proper insulation are key features people consider first  when being in the market for a […]

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Painted vs. Anodized Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are competing with uPVC windows and often become a choice product of many homeowners.  When it comes to finishing of aluminum windows, there are several options available in the industry.
Aluminum window profiles are can be anodized, or painted either by powder coating or have baked on enamel coating.
Anodizing process was first applied […]

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Toronto’s residential architecture – Georgian and Victorian houses

Each historic period, every new époque brings new transformations, new social, political, cultural developments, as well as notable changes in city’s architecture. The latter is strongly influenced by the current trends in the society reflecting versatile preferences of various communities.

The city of Toronto has a lot of interesting historic districts, including residential areas. Homeowners […]

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Most popular special shape windows

We are all used to see rectangle and regular shape windows in buildings around us, but did you know that modern UPVC windows in fact come in a wide array of custom shapes ?

Generally speaking a window can exist in virtually any shape. The shape can make a bold design […]

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What to expect from aluminum clad wood windows

While comfort, benefits and popularity of modern uPVC windows are obvious and unquestionable in today’s market, there is definitely one thing uPVC windows can’t provide – they cannot replace naturally warm appearance of real wood. So if you are among those homeowners who appreciate this particular feature and thinks it is one of the […]

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All of us nowadays are used to having uPVC windows at out homes and think of them as an integral part of any home design rather than of a technology achievement. Several decades ago it was quite difficult to imagine that polymer of vinyl chloride will so rapidly change our life and deliver a […]

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Popularity of Tenders

Nowadays tenders have gained a lot of popularity and many companies and organisations prefer to do business via tenders. Window and door replacement services for large projects are also most often obtained through tenders – it is when all interested suppliers of windows and doors will respond to the advertised project by […]

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Fiberglass entry doors: The best alternative to expensive door materials

Exterior or front doors are more visible than interior doors. They are larger in terms of height and width. That is why they have an important architectural statement. These doors range from rustic to classical to contemporary in style, finish and look. They are made from different materials such as wood, metal or fiberglass. […]

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Utility of correct window installation

Gone are the days when people used to install doors and windows in their houses only for the common purpose of domestic security from the outer environment. Now, the scenario has changed completely and people have started investing their money in doors and windows to make them an essential aspect of their home safety […]

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Replacing Window after the winter: What You Must Know

It will not be astonishing to say that several people expect to go for replacing window after the winter season comes to end every year. As the season comes with so many weather-driven effects, influencing the doors and windows drastically, the window turns to be replaced soon so as to restore the loveliness of […]

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